Love is the Answer.


Hello, my name is Megan Elizabeth.


I am 22 years old and am in the process of transforming my life. I created this blog as a true expression of personal healing and individual growth. It is my intention to use this space as a platform to talk openly about God and faith and everything in between. It is my hope to encourage others to listen to the 'gentle voice within' that embraces their most authentic self and dares to pursue a life of integrity and love. If I have touched at least one person's heart and encouraged them to explore the depths of their individual potential, then my purpose has been fulfilled.

For several years I have embraced a personal mantra that love is the answer, but have recently discovered that the pathway to love is through forgiveness. We are all in need of forgiveness and healing. Join me as I document my adventures and the pursuit of happiness. 

"Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"-Mary Oliver Summer Day